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The Patient Palette was founded by Lisa Mirabile, LCAT, LPAT, ATR-BC, CTRS-C. Lisa was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Before finding her calling in art therapy, Lisa attended Northeastern University where she earned a double Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts & English, along with a minor in Art History. After spending a decade building a career in digital marketing, Lisa decided she wanted to spend less time at a computer screen and more time directly using her artistic skills to reach and assist vulnerable populations. She searched for ways to tie her artistic skills into a human service career. After reading the book "Art Heals" by Shaun McNiff, she discovered the field of art therapy, and decided to make a career change.

Lisa is now formally trained in Art Therapy and Creativity Development with a master’s degree from Pratt Institute. 


Lisa believes in the restorative tenet of art therapy—the tremendous impact it has on the imagination to create and lead a person to a deeper sense of self-awareness. After many years working in NYC alongside individuals that benefited from person-first care, Lisa has strived to make her approach to art therapy as adaptable as possible for each person with whom she partners. She has used this person-first approach in several settings, including social service agencies, schools, in-home, in residential settings & group homes, both one-on-one, with families, and in groups.

Lisa has witnessed the complacency in too many areas of our health system, and society, where accessibility is not possible for a vast majority, including those with visible and/or invisible disabilities. She has also witnessed person-less care. Person-less care typically involves a lack of patience. The very principle that The Patient Palette was founded on speaks directly against that: Patience, awareness, empathy, dignity, choice, and peace of mind are the core values of our studio.


The Patient Palette's mission is to offer more accessibility through creative arts therapy and advocate for the underserved in doing so. Lisa will remain involved in a dialogue with her community peers, legislators, local businesses and organizations that share the same values. The Patient Palette will continue to expand its offerings based on how it can best serve our community. 

During the pandemic, Lisa served as a volunteer therapist for NY State OMH Covid 19 Coping Circles. She facilitated a six-week support and resilience group via telehealth. The group primarily consisted of bereaved caregivers who tragically lost a loved one during the height of the pandemic and were exhibiting trauma and unforeseen adjustment in their lives. Lisa also served as a Clinical Supervisor to NY State Project Hope Covid Relief Crisis Counselors who were providing mental health counseling to DOE elementary through high school students through the non profit Counseling in Schools in 2021-2022.

She is adjunct faculty at Pratt Institute in the Graduate Department of Art Therapy and at Molloy University in the Undergraduate Department of Art. Lisa has achieved Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist in Clinical Application (CTRS-C) Certification and Star Behavioral Health, Tier 1, Military-aware therapist training. She currently supports private practice clients at The Patient Palette in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn through group, family, and individual sessions. She also services clients in schools and community facilities via partnerships that she established. The Patient Palette is a DOE vendor, partnered with social service agencies, organizations, and senior residences. She partners with therapists in the modalities of Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, and Drama Therapy to make creative arts therapy accessible to more community members. Although it is a small, woman-owned and WBE certified enterprise, it is mighty in what is strives to offer to each client, and their formal or informal caregivers. Lisa believes in concurrently offering psychoeducational trainings and PDs to staff at partnering sites, so the person-first foundation at each setting is strengthened with The Patient Palette's values in their community, even on the days that we are not actively engaged in providing sessions. 


Who We Are

Watercolor Hummingbird, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue colors, Wings spread in flight

Professional Associations

Certification & Training:


  • Certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist in Clinical Application (CTRS-C) Certification

  • Star Behavioral Health Provider Training, Tier 1, Military-aware therapist

  • Basic Life Support Certification

  • NYS OMH Covid19 Coping Circles & Emotional Support Hotline Training

  • Trauma-Informed Care Training for Nursing Home Staff 

  • Introductory Training in Daoud’s Holistic Method for encouraging the use of play, art, and creativity to reduce aggressive behavior among adolescents 

  • The TTAP Method ®, Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming Certification

  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), New York 

  • Licensed Professional Art Therapist (LPAT), New Jersey

  • Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC), Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB)

  • Master's in Art Therapy & Creativity Development, Pratt Institute

  • Bachelor's in Visual Art & English, minor Art History, Northeastern University

Lisa Mirabile


Founder & Clinical Director 

Images in slider courtesy of Annie Nottes: Edith at Pratt Art Show & Lisa working with Edith in her home circa 2013


Lisa Mirabile, while working as an Art Therapy Graduate student at Pratt Institute, came and spent many home visits with my mother, Edith, during her thesis. In the throes of dementia, and nearing the end of her life, Lisa’s visits brought such joy, creativity and a sense of self and emotional nourishment to my mom that I will always remember! My mother thrived and created an amazing body of artwork under Lisa’s tutelage that culminated in a One Woman show at Pratt. Lisa’s skills and therapeutic knowledge, her patience and compassion, enabled my mother to reach deep into the depth of her being. I am forever grateful, as was Edith.

Annie Nottes, Daughter & Caregiver of Edith Nottes


Partnering Therapists, Interns & Creatives 


Diana D'Ambrose


Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), New York 

  • Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist  (BC-DMT), Dance Therapy Credentials Board (DMTCB)

  • Master's in Dance/Movement Therapy, Pratt Institute

  • Bachelor's in Dance, Hunter College

Diana D’Ambrose is a culturally competent board certified dance/movement therapist, and licensed creative arts therapist, who has been working in the field for over seven years. Her primary areas of expertise are working through current and past trauma, improving coping skills, impulse control, setting appropriate physical boundaries, and expanding creative expression. As a Creative Arts Psychotherapist, I assist others in engaging in creative parts of themselves to facilitate healing, growth, and wonder. Diana's skills include working with young adults and families to develop more maintainable habits, and improve regulation.

Image of Kayla Jewette

Kayla Jewette



Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), New York 

  • Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist  (BC-DMT), Dance Therapy Credentials Board (DMTCB)

  • Master's in Dance/Movement Therapy, Pratt Institute

  • Bachelor's in Psychology, Minor in Dance, Christopher Newport University

  • Authentic Movement Training

Kayla is a licensed, registered and board certified Dance/Movement therapist and received her degree from Pratt Institute. Kayla’s approach emphasizes the healing power of the  mind-body connection. Through mindful movement clients will be able to uncover emotions, thoughts and patterns of behavior they wish to overcome in order to grow. Kayla’s emphasis and work is deeply rooted in recognizing how culture and community impact one's relationship with themselves as well as others in the growth and development of mental, spiritual and emotional faculties. Through incorporating indigenous healing practices and movement in the therapeutic space, individuals will gain trust and communities will see greater balance, collectivity and individuals will gain a sense of purpose and live life fully. Kayla enjoys supporting patients in the discovery of tools to aid in reducing anxiety, depression and living true to themselves.


Throughout her time as a mental health professional she has worked in different facilities such as schools, nursing homes, a residential facility and a local Brooklyn Hospital. She serves on the American Dance Therapy Association’s Nominating Committee, is a member of the Spirituality and Religion Affinity Group, and presented at the ADTA conference on the cultural/ spiritual aspects of ancestral practices and how it informs her Dance Therapy approach. 

Kayla enjoys dancing and being in nature near water in her spare time to keep herself grounded and connected to her own healing. 


Jason Montalvo



Art Therapist
  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), New York 

  • Board Certified Art Therapist  (ATR-BC), Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB)

  • Master's in Art Therapy, School of Visual Arts

  • Master's in Creative Writing, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Bachelor's in Psychology, Purchase College

I have been practicing as a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist for the past 8 years, and have strived to create a space that is both safe and supportive for the clients. What I like to say about those new to Art Therapy is that “What you can’t find the words for, you’ll be able to find them through the art.” There is no need to have any prior artistic experience, nor is it necessary to make art within every session.

Prior to pursuing a career in Art Therapy, I had been working with children, families, and adults with significant life hardships in diverse settings such as after-school, foster care, in-home; homeless, and clients within the medical or in-home challenges. These experiences inspired me to attain my Art Therapy Licensure, and informed my approach that I now use in practice. 

I use a multimodal approach with clients as each one has their own needs of therapeutic engagement. The various therapeutic methods I utilize are based in a humanistic and client-centered approach. Upon these I have received training for incorporates CBT, DBT; Narrative and Play, Creative Arts, Traditional Talk Therapy and Trauma-Informed Therapy.


Maya Nadler



Dance/Movement Therapist
  • Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), New York 

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Massachusetts

  • Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist  (BC-DMT), Dance Therapy Credentials Board (DMTCB)

  • Master's in Clinical Mental Health
    Counseling & Expressive Arts Therapy
    with a Specialization in Dance/
    Movement Therapy, Lesley University

  • Bachelor's in Psychology and Sociology,
    Brandeis University

Maya Nadler is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and a Board Certified Dance/ Movement Therapist.  She comes with a range of experience working with families, children, and adolescents of all abilities.  Her experience includes community spaces, clinical programs, school settings, and acute care.  Maya is a therapist and an educator, and is passionate about using movement as a way to make mental health treatment accessible.  



The Patient Palette maintains relationships with organizations that advocate for the well-being and mental health of individuals in our community and beyond. We always welcome hearing how we can better meet our community's needs, as well as look forward to partnering with other practices, organizations, and businesses that share similar values for community wellness.

Theoretical values

We are trained in understanding human development across the lifespan. We value an integrated approach to care that embodies elements of Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, and Biological theories of therapy. We believe in holding a sincerely approachable space, that is both empathetic and imaginative. We offer a 20-minute First Client greeting call to make sure that you find us the right fit for your needs, and vice versa, at no cost. We believe each client should have a realistic expectation about what we can offer them through the process of Creative Arts Therapy.

Supervision hours

If you are a NY State Limited Permit holding/eligible Creative Arts Therapist that needs supervisory hours, we would be happy to mentor you. Please contact us to discuss your therapeutic area and need. If we appear to be a good match, we would certainly support you through your journey.

We also welcome interns who wish to work in the field of creative arts therapy.

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