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The Patient Palette maintains relationships with organizations that advocate for the well-being and mental health of individuals in our community. We always welcome hearing how we can better meet our community's needs, as well as look forward to partnering with other practices and businesses that share similar values for community wellness.

Theoretical values

We are trained in understanding human development across the lifespan. We value an integrated approach to care that embodies elements of Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, and Biological theories of therapy. We believe in holding a sincerely approachable space, that is both empathetic and imaginative. We offer a 20-minute First Client greeting call to make sure that you find us the right fit for your needs, and vice versa, at no cost. We believe each client should have a realistic expectation about what we can offer them through the process of Creative Arts Therapy.

Supervision hours

If you are a NY State Limited Permit holding/eligible Creative Arts Therapist that needs supervisory hours, we would be happy to mentor you. Please contact us to discuss your therapeutic area and need. If we appear to be a good match, we would certainly support you through your journey.

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