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Part of a Whole

Each month The Patient Palette will offer a small, virtual group session at no cost for members of our Patient Palette community. This month we will be offering:

Art Peace
Connecting Inward & Outward

The shifts in the greater world impact our lives in both individual and collective ways. This group supports persons 62+ to reflect upon how they have been both forced and motivated to make adjustments to their daily routines due to health related challenges. Drawing upon narrative and mindfulness, group members will reflect upon the universal impact, acknowledge their personal struggles and triumphs, and discover any ubiquitous themes arising through both their own and the collective group's artwork during this time.

This month's group session will be offered:

Tuesday, June 18th: 9:30-10:15am

Art supplies that you have at hand are sufficient, such as yarn, crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints, oil pastels, found objects, clay, and paper if joining virtually. If at the studio, we will provide supplies.

You must sign up via the form below. Please sign up at least 3 days before the group so we can let you know if there is still room. You will receive a response from us confirming your place and/or letting you know if we are full for that session. If we regretfully cannot offer you a spot, please sign up again for another month's group session! 

If you are not yet a registered community member of the Patient Palette, you will be required to have a 20 minute First Client greeting call and submit in-take paperwork in our client portal before being able to attend. Since this is an art therapy group, we have certain safety standards we must abide by. We appreciate your understanding! If you do not meet this requirement 48 hours in advance of the session, we will release your spot so that someone else in our community has the opportunity to partake.

Virtual Offerings: If a financial sensitivity prevents you from purchasing art supplies, please let us know. We are happy to mail you a small "Patient Palette Artist Package."

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